Spring is officially here!

March 17th, 2011

Plasma TV installationThe 20th March signifies that spring is officially here! Another chance to draw a line under what has been, what has and what hasn’t been done. Time to sort out all those things that are waiting to be tackled and tick those boxes!

The wecanfit concept was born out of an increasing demand by consumers to find a reliable installation service. Installation engineer services were needed for in-car and home electronic items that had been purchased as DIY products, which after closer inspection were found ultimately to require a tradesman fit.

So whether you have been given/purchased a hands free car kit or are thinking of buying a plasma TV we can help.

Wecanfit.co.uk provide a range of installation engineer services to suit your every installation need. Originating from a background of corporate installations, (we currently carry out over 2,000 installations per month), Wecanfit.co.uk have the skill and technological know how to complete your installation. We are now are in a position to offer our services to the individual and can ensure your installation is carried out to the manufacturer’s specification, at a time and place to suit you.

So don’t put it off any longer, before you know it, it will be the 2012 Olympics! Will your flat screen TV be in position? Mine is!!

Make the most of the vast quantities of bank holidays due in April/May!

February 27th, 2011

Country Road, Field and Footpath in WalesThere are already a number of bank holidays in April due to the Easter celebrations. The May bank holiday falls on May 2nd, and then when Will and Kate chose April 29th as their wedding date we were blessed with another one!

An ideal opportunity to take to the road for a long weekend or family break away.

However if we are all thinking this, we need to stay ahead of the game!

We offer a range of in-car installation services from fitting car stereo equipment to keep you entertained during your travels, to fitting satellite navigation systems – thus helping to reduce the potential draw backs of using our motorways and roads during a bank holiday weekend!

SatNav System owners will find that installing user friendly satellite navigation into your vehicle will help you reach your destination stress free. Whilst providing simple instructions on how to reach your destination the SmartNav navigation system has the ability to help you avoid traffic jams, become aware of safety cameras, as well as numerous other services such as being able to track your vehicle if it has been stolen.

Fixed car navigation systems are by far the most accurate and easy to use systems. We provide a professional installation at your home or place of work. The fixed systems tend to have large clear displays and will fit perfectly into your cars environment removing the need for unreliable mounting brackets and trailing wires.

So set a deadline to get that job done and give us a call today and beat the bank holiday rush in more ways than one!

It’s not just about aesthetics …….

February 15th, 2011

_NK02425xThe benefit of hanging a flat screen TV isn’t just about aesthetics and space management, hanging a flat screen TV has other benefits. Primarily safety.

With the development of new technology families continue to replace heavy old TVs with lighter flat-screen models. With this development the risk of injury to children has increased. Children pulling insecure televisions on top of themselves, or televisions falling from walls having been insecurely fitted by amateurs account for a high number of these.

Every year over one million children are taken to hospital having been involved in an accident in the home. Many more are taken to the GP or treated at home. Many of these accidents can be avoided.
Wecanfit offer a professional plasma TV installation service, from the outset of the LCD and Plasma flat screen introduction into the UK market, Wecanfit has worked closely with manufacturers and retailers to provide customers with a complete LCD and plasma installation service.

We continue to carryout these services for many of the largest high street names in the country and are seen as the UK’s premier Plasma TV installer.

For children over the age of one, accidental injury is one of the biggest single causes of death in the UK. The threat to children will increase unless parents take better steps to secure their new TVs.

Why risk injury, contact us today to have peace of mind that your flat screen TV has been professionally fitted and is secur.

Looking for a solution to a lofty problem?

January 26th, 2011

_NK02392xBought a TV aerial & need it fitting? We can fit! Take advantage of our limited period special offer. A hard to beat all inclusive price. Only £59.99 (inc. VAT).

Our professional aerial fitters are available anywhere in mainland UK. We carry out hundreds of TV aerial installations each month for many of the country’s leading retailers. We professionally install your aerial, including all accessories, and we make sure all is working before we complete the job.

Let’s face it – do you really want to face the daunting task of climbing on the roof to mount the aerial you have just bought – and then fiddling for hours to get the best signal?

It is no problem because We can fit! For more information please see here

Employers liable for mobile phone use in cars

January 17th, 2011

Did you know that employers could be liable to prosecution if they require or allow employees to use a mobile phone without a hands free kit while driving for work?

Many businesses rely on being able to communicate with their employees whilst on the road. Coordinating the next appointment, informing them of cancellations, arranging further appointments, etc. the risks associated with using a mobile phone while driving are huge.

As well as it being extremely dangerous and against the law, the financial implications of driving with out a hands free car kit installation and the effect it could have on the business are considerable. (A roadside fixed penalty notice will add 3 points on your licence and provide a fine of £60.

If a case goes to court, in addition to points, you could face discretionary disqualification on top a maximum fine of £1,000 (or £2,500 in the case of drivers of buses/coaches and goods vehicles). And that’s before taking into account the loss of revenue due to loss of business.

The regulations as they stand apply to “anyone who causes or permits any other person” to use a hand–held mobile phone while driving”. If the individual chooses to use a mobile phone then obviously employers will not be liable however if employers require employees to use a hand held phone as part of company business then the employers will be responsible and could also face penalties.

Wecanfit, the UK’s leading home and in-car equipment installation service provide a wide range of services nationwide to suit your every installation requirement. Because we already carry out so many installations nationwide, we can offer you an installation price that you would only normally receive by booking multiple jobs. So whether you have a couple of vehicles or a fleet we can fit.

Stuck for present ideas?

November 22nd, 2010

SmallWith Christmas fast approaching and many people searching for inspiration for presents what could be easier than searching for ideas on the wecanfit website!

We have a wealth of suitable presents for loved ones. With a host of in-car installation services available from fitting car stereo equipment and parking sensors, to satellite navigation and trackers. Look no further!

Do you know anyone who has received or bought an in car accessory in the past and hasn’t got the time or know how to do anything with it?

Why not provide a solution and purchase one of our packages as a gift. We are experts in fitting car stereo equipment and in car entertainment products and can also remove equipment already fitted in your car.

Alternatively why not buy them the equipment and one of our packages to go with it so they can start benefiting and using your present straight away.

We have a wide range of services to suit your every installation requirement.

But remember wecanfit is not just for Christmas…..

Call us today to discuss your ideas 0844 770  0170

Wall mounted flat screen TV

November 4th, 2010

NK02430xWhat do you think of when you see wall mounted flat screen TV? Do you think of a 46 inch high definition plasma TV screen in pride of place in your family room for the whole family to enjoy? Or do you think of a smaller 19 inch TV more subtlety placed for your convenience?

Small LCD TV screens are also ideal to be mounted making them perfect for use in a kitchen or bedroom; there are a number of different brackets available depending on the position of the TV and its uses.

You may wish to view your TV whilst it is flush to the wall, such as in a kitchen, or it may be more appropriate to use a bracket with an arm that allows the Television to tilt, swivel or be viewed at an angle. This could be the solution for a child using the TV for playing with a games console for instance.

We have a wealth of experience fitting flat screen TVs in a vast array of different locations, so do not hesitate to call us to discuss your options.

Hanging Plasma TV screens, our speciality

October 21st, 2010

NK02418xHanging plasma TV screens can be fraught with problems if you do not have any experience or do know what you are doing. Many people are under the illusion installing a new piece of equipment is the same as fixing a picture or wall hanging. Plasma TV screens are a totally different kettle of fish!

Have you purchased a wall mount the right size for your TV?  Have you chosen the most suitable place. Do you know the condition of the wall you have chosen? Is it a stud wall? Solid brick? Is the plaster solid?
What size screws do you need?

Another major concern when mounting a plasma TV on the wall is wiring in the wall. Not only to be careful not to drill or screw into any wiring but do your connections work? It would be soul destroying to have that beautiful Plasma TV hanging on the wall only to find out the connections don’t work.

From installing your new purchased equipment, right through to removing equipment already fitted in your home, we have a wide range of services to suit every requirement. Products will be fully tested to ensure you are happy before going on our way. No more trailing wires, no more loose connections, no more puzzling over instructions. We really do take the headache out of hanging your plasma TV.

Move with the times!

September 30th, 2010

Image2Are you fed up of having to retune your car radio due to lack of signal?

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios are the latest technology to hit our vehicles. DAB radio results in interference free listening where ever you are. Digital radios are not fitted as a matter of course in new cars, infact according to DRWG less than 1% of cars have DAB radios fitted as standard.

Benefits include; more radio stations to choose from, at least double the number currently available to most people on FM, no tuning in – just choose the radio station from a display screen, many stations transmit the name of the artist currently playing!

You can only benefit from the advantages of a DAB radio in your car if you have a digital radio installed.  Wecanfit.co.uk provide installation engineer services to install those electronic items that had been purchased as DIY products, which after closer inspection were found ultimately to require a tradesman fit!

There are many types of in-car digital radio. Whether you choose the integrated unit i.e. a one piece installed into the dashboard or opt for the slightly cheaper option of the compatible head unit for the dash together with a boot box (this can either be installed in to the glove compartment or boot) we can help. Your DAB radio can be connected to the existing speakers and aerial in the vehicle. After completing the installation our engineer will carry out a post install inspection and give you a demonstration of the DAB radio working in the vehicle.

Fitting sat nav systems comes easily to us!

September 22nd, 2010

14Over the last ten years or so since their introduction into the UK market, drivers are becoming increasingly reliant on satellite navigation. We lead busy lives and just want to get from A to B without the detours we end up taking if we are uncertain of the route!
We also want to know how to avoid congested roads, what time we are likely to arrive etc. If your sat nav is in the cupboard at home you are on your own!
We offer a range of in-car installation services including fitting sat nav systems, in car audio/visual, trackers and parking sensors to ensure your journey runs as smoothly as possible.
Because we already carry out so many installations nationwide, we can offer you an installation price that you would only normally receive by booking multiple jobs. Our service will keep you automatically updated and even let you see the engineer before he or she arrives.