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Are you one of the 68% still breaking the law?

Wednesday, May 25th, 2011

17Most people are still using mobile phones whilst driving with out a hands free kit despite the law being over 7 years old. Whether you are checking your emails, sending a text or taking a call, using a mobile phone it is not only illegal but extremely dangerous. The law exists whether you are sitting in a traffic jam, at lights or stationary at a junction on a quiet country road.

So why are such a high percent of road users including so many professional drivers, still flouting the law?

The main reasons could be;

  • Inability to install to add a hands free kit into your car
  • No time free to install a hands free kit into the car
  • Cost implications
  • Inadequate knowledge of the law

We can solve all the above issues!!

We have the knowledge and the time – we provide a professional nationwide hands free car kit installation service. Have a hands free car phone kit installed into any vehicle at your home or place of work. No hassle neat install of your fixed phone car kit. We have experienced engineers covering the whole of mainland UK.
We can solve the cost issue for just £59.99 (inc VAT) We can have your hands free car kit fitted, tested and working – with our money back guarantee.

As we have already covered it is against the law for anyone to use a mobile phone without the use of a hands free car kit whilst driving, so contact us today and let us take care of it.

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