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Move with the times!

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Image2Are you fed up of having to retune your car radio due to lack of signal?

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios are the latest technology to hit our vehicles. DAB radio results in interference free listening where ever you are. Digital radios are not fitted as a matter of course in new cars, infact according to DRWG less than 1% of cars have DAB radios fitted as standard.

Benefits include; more radio stations to choose from, at least double the number currently available to most people on FM, no tuning in – just choose the radio station from a display screen, many stations transmit the name of the artist currently playing!

You can only benefit from the advantages of a DAB radio in your car if you have a digital radio installed. provide installation engineer services to install those electronic items that had been purchased as DIY products, which after closer inspection were found ultimately to require a tradesman fit!

There are many types of in-car digital radio. Whether you choose the integrated unit i.e. a one piece installed into the dashboard or opt for the slightly cheaper option of the compatible head unit for the dash together with a boot box (this can either be installed in to the glove compartment or boot) we can help. Your DAB radio can be connected to the existing speakers and aerial in the vehicle. After completing the installation our engineer will carry out a post install inspection and give you a demonstration of the DAB radio working in the vehicle.

Fitting sat nav systems comes easily to us!

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

14Over the last ten years or so since their introduction into the UK market, drivers are becoming increasingly reliant on satellite navigation. We lead busy lives and just want to get from A to B without the detours we end up taking if we are uncertain of the route!
We also want to know how to avoid congested roads, what time we are likely to arrive etc. If your sat nav is in the cupboard at home you are on your own!
We offer a range of in-car installation services including fitting sat nav systems, in car audio/visual, trackers and parking sensors to ensure your journey runs as smoothly as possible.
Because we already carry out so many installations nationwide, we can offer you an installation price that you would only normally receive by booking multiple jobs. Our service will keep you automatically updated and even let you see the engineer before he or she arrives.

A great special offer

Wednesday, September 15th, 2010

NK02420xAs the nights draw in we spend less time outside and more time snuggled up in front of the TV. Did you aim to get that plasma TV installed ready for Wimbledon? Broadcasters will shortly be releasing their schedules for the Christmas period. There are already mince pies in the shops! Make sure you are ready for the Christmas lineup.

It is the ideal time to take advantage of our late summer special and tick another thing off your to do list!

We’ll wall mount any flat screen TV for you at a special price of 69.99 GBP inc VAT. This price can’t last long – so book now.

Don’t fancy climbing onto your roof?

Saturday, September 4th, 2010

NK02390xSat down to watch your favourite weekly programme on your new plasma TV but there’s no signal! Should have got the TV  aerial installation experts in! At We Can Fit you will find professional enthusiastic engineers with a wealth of experience fitting an array of aerials to a huge range of locations!

Eager to assist, we provide a full service, not only  fitting new aerials or installing extra aerial points, no matter how tricky, but ensuring the aerial does its job once in place! (The aerial will be checked for signal quality of the received services (DTT/ Freeview/ Analogue) to confirm that the new service is operational to the agreed levels).

We Can Fit has several installation options available to you but in any case the hard work is done for you to avoid you finding yourself stranded half way up a ladder!