XL Business Finance

Invoice FactoringXL Business Finance is considered one of the country’s top independent invoice factoring brokers with over 10 years experience finding the most appropriate and competitive invoice financing and asset leasing solutions. Using a finance broker, we believe, is the most successful way to obtain the best funder for your requirements giving you the financial freedom to grow your business.

Invoice finance

Finances brokers that take the time to talk to you, to find out about your business or better still, take time to visit are definitely the best kind. Here at XL Business Finance we pride ourselves in doing this each time. We have access to a huge number of well known finance companies. This together with information gathered during a free initial consultation gives us the ability to identify the two or three most suitable invoice finance providers for your requirements.

Invoice factoring

Invoice factoring is also known as account receivable factoring and is the immediate injection of cash against the value of outstanding invoices. Invoices can be raised up to 90% of the invoice value and released as ready cash within 24 hours to be used for working capital. A small service fee is taken from the remaining 10%, and the residual amount is paid once the invoice factoring fee is received from the customer.

New business finance

The success of a new business is often reliant on cash flow and thus depends on banks to provide factoring. Sourcing new business finance is often the down fall of small businesses as banks are not always the most appropriate company to use. Xl Business Finance offer a free factoring and invoice discounting service, ensuring that businesses especially new start up business find the most appropriate finance companies for their needs.

XL Business Finance a different invoice discounting company

As one of the UK’s leading invoice finance brokers XL Business Finance is well placed and qualified to provide the right advice to secure correct funding whatever your needs. XL Business Finance has the knowledge and experience to know that not all invoice discounting companies are the same. Some factoring companies restrict your overall credit limit for example.

It is therefore time to talk to XL Business Finance to gain alternative more beneficial view points and help you get the most out of a discounting company.