Move with the times!

Image2Are you fed up of having to retune your car radio due to lack of signal?

DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radios are the latest technology to hit our vehicles. DAB radio results in interference free listening where ever you are. Digital radios are not fitted as a matter of course in new cars, infact according to DRWG less than 1% of cars have DAB radios fitted as standard.

Benefits include; more radio stations to choose from, at least double the number currently available to most people on FM, no tuning in – just choose the radio station from a display screen, many stations transmit the name of the artist currently playing!

You can only benefit from the advantages of a DAB radio in your car if you have a digital radio installed. provide installation engineer services to install those electronic items that had been purchased as DIY products, which after closer inspection were found ultimately to require a tradesman fit!

There are many types of in-car digital radio. Whether you choose the integrated unit i.e. a one piece installed into the dashboard or opt for the slightly cheaper option of the compatible head unit for the dash together with a boot box (this can either be installed in to the glove compartment or boot) we can help. Your DAB radio can be connected to the existing speakers and aerial in the vehicle. After completing the installation our engineer will carry out a post install inspection and give you a demonstration of the DAB radio working in the vehicle.

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