Hanging Plasma TV screens, our speciality

NK02418xHanging plasma TV screens can be fraught with problems if you do not have any experience or do know what you are doing. Many people are under the illusion installing a new piece of equipment is the same as fixing a picture or wall hanging. Plasma TV screens are a totally different kettle of fish!

Have you purchased a wall mount the right size for your TV?  Have you chosen the most suitable place. Do you know the condition of the wall you have chosen? Is it a stud wall? Solid brick? Is the plaster solid?
What size screws do you need?

Another major concern when mounting a plasma TV on the wall is wiring in the wall. Not only to be careful not to drill or screw into any wiring but do your connections work? It would be soul destroying to have that beautiful Plasma TV hanging on the wall only to find out the connections don’t work.

From installing your new purchased equipment, right through to removing equipment already fitted in your home, we have a wide range of services to suit every requirement. Products will be fully tested to ensure you are happy before going on our way. No more trailing wires, no more loose connections, no more puzzling over instructions. We really do take the headache out of hanging your plasma TV.

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