Wall mounted flat screen TV

NK02430xWhat do you think of when you see wall mounted flat screen TV? Do you think of a 46 inch high definition plasma TV screen in pride of place in your family room for the whole family to enjoy? Or do you think of a smaller 19 inch TV more subtlety placed for your convenience?

Small LCD TV screens are also ideal to be mounted making them perfect for use in a kitchen or bedroom; there are a number of different brackets available depending on the position of the TV and its uses.

You may wish to view your TV whilst it is flush to the wall, such as in a kitchen, or it may be more appropriate to use a bracket with an arm that allows the Television to tilt, swivel or be viewed at an angle. This could be the solution for a child using the TV for playing with a games console for instance.

We have a wealth of experience fitting flat screen TVs in a vast array of different locations, so do not hesitate to call us to discuss your options.

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