It’s not just about aesthetics …….

_NK02425xThe benefit of hanging a flat screen TV isn’t just about aesthetics and space management, hanging a flat screen TV has other benefits. Primarily safety.

With the development of new technology families continue to replace heavy old TVs with lighter flat-screen models. With this development the risk of injury to children has increased. Children pulling insecure televisions on top of themselves, or televisions falling from walls having been insecurely fitted by amateurs account for a high number of these.

Every year over one million children are taken to hospital having been involved in an accident in the home. Many more are taken to the GP or treated at home. Many of these accidents can be avoided.
Wecanfit offer a professional plasma TV installation service, from the outset of the LCD and Plasma flat screen introduction into the UK market, Wecanfit has worked closely with manufacturers and retailers to provide customers with a complete LCD and plasma installation service.

We continue to carryout these services for many of the largest high street names in the country and are seen as the UK’s premier Plasma TV installer.

For children over the age of one, accidental injury is one of the biggest single causes of death in the UK. The threat to children will increase unless parents take better steps to secure their new TVs.

Why risk injury, contact us today to have peace of mind that your flat screen TV has been professionally fitted and is secur.

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