The digital switch over is sweeping across the country!

Digital TV aerial installationThe digital switch over is sweeping across the country. Soon analogue televisions as we know them will no longer be able to receive a signal to produce a picture.

The questions on many people’s lips are; what do I need to do? Can I still use my old TV? Will my present aerial be able to receive digital reception?

If your TV is not a recent purchase it will almost certainly be an analogue TV i.e. only capable of receiving the old analogue signals. You will need to either upgrade your Television to a current version or buy a free view /Set Top Box for the signal to transmit through.

Most aerials should work after the digital switchover reaches your area. Some may require new cable connections or an upgrade however. If you receive a bad picture or delays in transmission it is likely you will need a new aerial.
The Anglia, Central and STV Central regions are currently switching with Wimbledon starting today, you do not want any delay in transmission! We provide a free view and digital TV aerial installation service across the country. Let’s face it – do you really want to buy a digital TV aerial and then face the daunting task of climbing on the roof to mount it – and then fiddling for hours to get the best signal? Our highly experienced TV aerial engineers will professionally install your digital TV aerials anywhere in mainland UK and including all accessories. And we make sure all is working before we complete the job. Call us today

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