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Sometimes we find that wall mounting of a flat screen TV can have complications - complications you probably won\'t want to tackle yourself.

Our custom installation service includes our engineers surveying the wall and agree the position of where the screen is to be mounted. We will also advise on any issues with placement and channelling of cables in the wall or where there are specific access issues.
Only £299.99 (inc. VAT)
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  • A professional installation to maintain the look of your room with specialist engineer help.
  • Cables channelled into walls with plastering where necessary.
  • Safe and secure fitting of your TV.
  • Fitted and working with our money back guarantee.
  • Engineers will survey the wall and agree the position of where the screen is to be mounted.

  • Wall channelled out and leads run, channel re-plastered ready for decorating.
  • The bracket will be mounted to the wall and to the screen.
  • Careful mounting and securing of the screen on to the wall.
  • Connection of the screen to the existing equipment and power supply. Testing of equipment and a demonstration of the screen and equipment.

  • The site will be fully cleaned before the engineers leave.
  • The purchase does not include:
    1. The wall mount bracket.
    2. Replacement extra length cables.
  • Customers should bear in mind:
    1. We may not be able to carry out a wall mount installation on a stud wall.
    2. You may require extra length power cable, HDMI cable, scart lead or aerial lead if the wall mount installation is more than 1 metre away from existing supply points.
    3. The engineer must have clear access to carry out the installation.
    4. The engineer will need to park outside your home and bring equipment up to the house.
    5. Any help you can offer to ensure that the engineer can park within a reasonable distance of the property will help us to complete the work first time, on the day.
    6. This service is for a TV wall mount installation service connected to your existing Sky/DVD equipment.
    7.If you require new additional equipment to be fitted i.e. surround sound speaker system etc this will be chargeable at the point of installation.
    8. Our engineer will require an authorised person over the age of 18 to sign a note of satisfaction, once the installation is complete.

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