Can you afford a £1000 fine?

17Whilst I’m sure most of you now know that using mobile phone whilst behind the wheel is a criminal offence, the consequences can be much worse than you may realise.

If caught, an on the spot fine of £60 will be mandatory but this could rise to a £1000 fine if you’re taken to court where your driving has been called into question. Plus you’ll get three points on your licence.

Research has shown that you are much more likely to cause an accident as a result of using a hand held mobile phone.

Is using your handheld mobile whilst driving really worth that risk? In many cases people say they just haven’t got round to putting a hands free kit in place. Why not let us sort the problem out – ensuring you are abiding by the law yet allowing you to still answer those all important calls. We Can Fit will professionally install any hands free kit to any car hassle free and nationwide.

Come on – get legal today!

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