Look behind you………..!

Parking sensor installationWith the average cost of car insurance going up by 40% over the last year, the last thing we need is to add to the cost by having numerous claims for unavoidable accidents, not to mention the inconvenience of having your vehicle repaired.

Front and Rear parking sensors are available to alert the driver to unseen obstacles during parking manoeuvres. Rear sensors tend to be activated when the reverse gear is selected, while front sensors are generally activated by pressing a button to avoid inappropriate warnings while travelling in slow moving traffic. Most use audible feedback to alert the drive of the close proximity to other cars, bollards, pets, and other such obstacles.

Wecanfit provide an in-car installation service at your chosen mainland UK address, this may be your home or a work address.

After collecting your keys our engineer will carry out a pre install inspection, fit your front or rear parking sensors to the vehicles bumper. After completing the installation our engineer will carry out a post install inspection and give you a demonstration of the sensors working.

Parking sensors are ideal for anyone who wishes to reinforce their parking skills. This may be an elderly relative, a newly qualified driver, or someone who has recently changed their car.

Wecanfit are available for all your in car installation needs, contact us today for more information.

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